Media Requests


We at Jackson Indie Music Week (JIM Week) strive to respond promptly to all inquiries and encourage you to contact us for all information related to JIM Week – whether you would like to speak to a JIM Week performer or venue participant, arrange an interview, photo or video shoot or need comment on a JIM Week event.

Our primary goal is to help make your job easier while ensuring that all communications result in an accurate portrayal of JIM Week.

Please note: For media inquiries about artists, venues, events, staff, press releases and/or press passes please contact Rachel James – Terry at


 All media inquiries related to JIM Week must go through the media relations director so the requested information can be promptly assessed and facilitated.

 Reporters, bloggers, podcast producers, photographers and videographers must have a JIM Week press pass if working a JIM Week event or be accompanied by a JIM Week spokesperson or staff. Such visits must be arranged in advance in order to make sure the visit goes smoothly for all involved.

JIM Week looks forward to your participation in helping to make this a remarkable and rewarding event for all involved.