Submissions are officially open!


Tap the link below to access music, film shorts, and music video submission form:

Submission Form


Music, film shorts, and music video submissions open to ALL genres from ALL cities & states from July 15-September 1, 2018.

Music Requirements:
1) Three (3) MP3s of ORIGINAL music. (No covers)
2) One (1) short bio.
3) One (1) press-ready photo. (No album covers)
4) List of performance venues and contacts within the last six months.

Film & Video Requirements:
1) One film short or music video to be reviewed.
2) Proof and consent of the use of said film or video.

Submissions are FREE for residents of Mississippi. Must provide proof of residency (state- or government-issued ID).

$25 fee is required for non-residents.

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